4v4 Basketball League



55 Swish 4v4 Basketball League

New Season Begins March 28th | Grades 3rd – 8th

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About the League:

For all levels of player, the 55 Swish 4v4 League offers fun, competition and a chance to put all the skills you’ve worked on into action. Weekly games allow players the opportunity to get a great workout in, fine-tune their skills, and compete with or against their friends. Each team will be assigned a coach for the season, allowing them to build relationships and cohesion with their team.


This season, all players will be registering as a free agent. We will not be accepting any full team requests. All players are able to request only one (1) player to be placed with, as long as the request is mutual. We will be evaluating all players and creating all teams in-house to ensure competitive balance among all divisions. We believe this will result in a more positive experience for all players and an overall better league.


Divisions are separated by grade level and by ability. Please place your child in the league that will be most beneficial for their development. (Example: Superior 5th grade players should play on Thursday, as opposed to on Tuesdays). Our goal is for competitive games that result in learning valuable lessons; nobody wins when a team wins/loses by a lot.

Divisions by Grade

  • Monday: 3rd and 4th 
  • Tuesday: 4th and 5th
  • Wednesday: 7th and 8th
  • Thursday: 5th and 6th 


Monday, March 28th – Thursday, June 16th

No Games – Monday, May 30th


6:05pm | 7:00pm | 7:55pm


Fastbreak HQ Main Court – 1629 1st Ave | St. Vincent Ferrer HS – 151 E. 65th St



Fastbreak 4v4 League Rules

  • Two (2) 20 minutes halves.
  • Clock stops on timeouts, and on any whistle in the last minute of the first-half, and the last two (2) minutes of the second-half. Running clock if the spread is 10+ points in the last two minutes.
  • Teams get three (3) timeouts game (none added in overtime).
  • Overtime will be two (2) minutes. Double-Overtime is first to score two (2) points, no clock necessary.
  • Mandatory Substitutions will take place every 5 minutes. In the last 2 minutes of the game, the coach can sub in freely. Example: Last rotating substitution will occur at 5:00 mark. This rotation must play 3 minutes. The coach can substitute freely in the final 2 minutes. Substitute rotations must stay the same for each game.
  • Uniform: Every player will receive a team jersey that must be worn at every game. If a player does not have their jersey, they will be given a replacement one, and a one (1) shot technical foul will be assessed before the game starts.
  • 7 fouls per player
  • 8 team fouls per half will result in a 1 and 1. No double bonus.
  • Two (2) team fouls in the last one (1) minute will result in a 1 and 1.
  • If a player is holding the basketball in bounds and touching the wall, they are out of bounds.
  • 3 second rule is in effect.
  • No press for Monday 3rd/4th Division except last two (2) minutes.
  • Press allowed for all other Divisions, but only if the score is within 10 points. Can not guard the inbound in the backcourt.
  • Backcourt – 10 seconds to cross half-court; back-court is the foul line extended.
  • No players or parents can talk to the refs. Only team coaches may discuss calls with the officials. Technical fouls will be given out under the officials discretion.
  • Any behavior deemed unacceptable by the staff may result in ejection or suspension from the league.
  • Parents must sit on the mezzanine and are not permitted on the gym level.
  • All teams make the playoffs.
  • Only players on the roster can play in order the game to be official in the standings. If another player is picked up to fill in, the game will be played, but will count as a forfeit.






By February 1st, 2022:  All participants ages 5+ are required to show proof of full vaccination against COVID-19.

Fastbreak Sports will require all participants and spectators for all events to demonstrate proof of COVID-19 vaccination. This requires a picture (or hard copy) of your card or Excelsior Pass demonstrating you have received at least one dose of Moderna, Pfizer or J&J vaccine.

How to provide proof of Vaccine:

We ask that all families submit proof of their child’s vaccine status using the link below.


All participants and spectators, regardless of vaccination status, are required to wear a mask properly at all times.



We have upgraded all of our locations with hospital grade air filters along with additional portable HEPA filters and adjusted our systems for 100% Fresh Air Intake.


We are proud to offer live-streaming video and video recordings of all games at Fastbreak. Sign up for the MyPlay app and email teamfastbreak@fastbreakkids.com for your specific team code to never miss a game. Click HERE when your team is playing to watch the 
Follow our social media pages to stay-up-to-date on the 4v4 League: @FBBasketball and @Fastbreak.Sports



Each spectator MUST provide proof of COVID-19 vaccination status to enter the building and are required to wear a mask properly at all times.


Full season schedules will be confirmed and updated regularly to our website. All divisions are scheduled to play on the same day of the week at rotating times (6:05pm, 7:00pm, and 7:55) each week.



Every player will receive a team jersey that must be worn at every game. If a player does not have their jersey, they will be given a replacement one, and a one (1) shot technical foul will be assessed before the game starts.



All players should come in newer athletic sneakers or basketball shoes. We recommend players wear basketball sneakers (as opposed to running sneakers) to prevent any ankle injuries when landing. Program attire is athletic shorts with team jersey and mask.



There are water bottle fillers at the facility, so be sure to send adequate water/sports drink bottle(s) with your child.



After Week One of the Season – all information updates, scores, standings and schedules will be posted online. Please always check the 55 Swish website for the most up-to-date information and then reach out if necessary.



All families will be notified by email immediately if the program is canceled for any reason. If we cancel the program, our goal is schedule a make-up game with a double-header or by extending the season. Please be aware that we have families from public, private, and religious schools, which all use different academic calendars. We understand that our scheduling may not always be ideal, but we try to do our best to make it work for all families. In the rare case that we cannot schedule a make-up game, we will give an account credit for the missed game.